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I have lost my hearing in my right ear due to meniere's disease. I am interested in obtaining a bone conduction hearing aid and would love to talk to someone in the area who has one. Since this requires surgery I want to be sure that the technology is effective and recommended by someone who has it.
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Have you looked into magnesium?

Have you looked into magnesium deficiency and the role it might play in meniere's disease? I have a friend of a friend who had it so I learned a bit about it. Also I've had tinnitus (ringing in ears) and migraines from magnesium deficiency myself and after supplementing with 800 mgs. daily I rarely have it - except when I slack off on the magesium. I take Magnesium Glycinate because it is easier on my stomach and take 400 mgs. after lunch and 400 mgs after dinner.
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