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Food trailers: Fair? Safe?

The fair question can be relative to two audiences: the consumer and the brick & mortar restaurant. The safe question regards the health safety of the trailer facility and the usual picnic benches outdoors.

Fair to brick & mortar restaurants? And no, I have no financial interest in any restaurant. I suggest not, for two reasons. First, the same food is available at local restaurants that have made the investment and sacrifice that goes with it and who -- if they survive the trailer onslaught -- will be here when the trailers are gone. Second, the food at the trailers is actually priced higher for many (most?) items while operating at less cost and no significant permanent investment.

Fair to consumers? Their food is pricey in most instances. I've had most of the menu at the trailer across from the post office (the original, not the mexican food). Take the burger for example. It started off being a great burger. Now it is only fair. It is nowhere near as good as the burgers at Ken's or Bill's, yet is higher than all but the Bill's specialty burgers and higher than those a Ken's that include fries and a much larger and fresher piece of meat.

Are food trailers putting out safe food? Is their refrigeration as good as the restaurants? Can they be kept as clean? Who inspects them? Are those picnic tables clean?

Food trailers: I guess I just don't "get it." What do you think?
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Originally Posted by Nomos