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A Day of Prayer

My sincerest congratulations to the Llano City Council for the courage of your convictions!:bravo :
What a beautiful Prayer

"The Llano City Council on Monday issued a proclamation designating Wednesday as a day of prayer in Llano, approved the city’s paving project for fiscal year 2010 and OK’d an allocation of funds to help advertise the annual rodeo.

Llano Mayor Mike Reagor read a proclamation from the Office of the Mayor proclaiming tomorrow, May 6, as a day of city-wide prayer and an “opportunity for people of all faiths to give thanks for blessings received…for our families, loved ones, churches, and for the abundance of our land and the fruit of our labor…to request wisdom and guidance for our leaders, (and to) give thanks for the men and women who are serving and have served in our armed forces…and ask for the…safe return of those who remain in harm’s way.”
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