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service industry

I do believe that longer hours will equal greater revenue for some establishments.

Having said this, some of our current establishments suffer from other problems that they could easily fix. One of the main problems that can be corrected is service.

As I enjoy live music, I liked Lorraine's as a venue very much, the main problem that I had with them is they always had horrible service. On my first visit to Lorraine's a couple of years or so ago, they had a very popular band from Austin, they even had to bring in additional seating, it was packed, and they had 1 waitress. My table of 5 each had 2 drinks all night, and this was simply from the lack of being waited on. The one waitress was polite and was working extremely hard, but was just unable to take care of the entire crowd properly.
I enjoyed the atmosphere of the place and I sent them an email the next day, telling them how much I enjoyed my first time there and I hoped they wouldn't mind a little advice about hiring some more wait staff. I have attended several shows there and this was an issue that they never corrected, people were not getting waited on. There is a fine line in the bar business between pushing drinks and just having good service, but if people don't get served then you are not making money and in turn people will not frequent the place on everyday occasions.

This is a plus for Zeke's, the few times that I have been there, they have had multiple bar tenders, and large wait staff.

The Main Street Grill has the same problem with service. I have been there for lunch, for dinner, and also to just have a beer, and I enjoy the location, they have cold beer and good food, but the service has been horrible. My first visit there was late one afternoon and I was the only person sitting at the bar and I was completely ignored for a long time. The lady who I believe to be one of the owners was standing at the cash register behind the bar. Several minutes went by and after finally serving me a beer she left and went into what I believe to be the office, and did not come out until her husband came in from outside. I ordered another beer and attempted to make conversation by asking how business was and as she served my beer she did not answer and left the bar to go speak with her husband. I finally just asked for my tab and left.

The second time I had lunch there with two other people and we had to ask for every single thing. We sat down and waited till one of my party got up and asked for someone to wait on us. We had to ask for our drinks to be refilled, we had to ask for silverware, we had to ask for ketchup and we had to ask for our check.

The last time I went was on an evening to have dinner and watch the band they had, again I had 3 in my party, 2 of us had dinner, and a few drinks. When it was time to go, I asked for my tab and was told to go to the cash register, when I got there they did not have my tab either nor did anyone else, they asked us what we had for dinner and then just made up some amount of drinks to charge us for.

So will longer hours equal greater revenue for this places, they might if they can serve the people that are waiting to be served, if not the people are still just going to go somewhere else where they can get better service.
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