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Originally Posted by curious View Post
A loop around town will never happen as long as there is the EDC. They couldn't care less about traffic, in fact, the slower the better. Motorists might see their signs and businesses.
Your comments about the MF EDC's influence and power in the development of a major road project such as a bypass loop is incorrect. We would have a role but our influence on the project would be minor.

I am quite sure that a bypass loop would reduce traffic in Marble Falls. However, that reduction would have a profound, negative impact on our city's business community, the economic activity of businesses in the city, and the overall economic health of our community. But given all those changes, we would have reduced traffic in Marble Falls.

My final comments and thoughts on this subject are "when you are caught up in the Marble Falls traffic jam, take a couple of deep, cleansing breaths, and enjoy your life in paradise."

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