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Small buns, which they totally soak in liquid butter/margarine. Buns ended up pretty greasy. Meat was good -- had both pulled pork and brisket. Neither had much of a BBQ flavor -- no clue it was cooked on a pit. Did not see that they did not put anything on the sandwiches and was not pointed to pickles, onions, sauce, etc. Got the sandwiches to go and was just handed the sack without comment and I guess had a brain-fart and did not think to ask.

The several people who prepped and bagged the sandwiches were less than enthusiastic. The young lady at checkout was polite, but not what I would expect from any business much less a new one.

I like Opie's. I don't like Wingman. I LOVE Holy Smokes -- it's the best BBQ around and they're local people who are cordial.
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