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Let's see...we have 253 Democrats, 178 Republicans, no Independents, and 4 vacancies...Republicans would need to gain 41 seats. Only Truman and Clinton yielded more than 39 seats to the opposition party in their first midterm election, but there are enough tossup seats to cover the gap.

I'm not sure healthcare overhaul has to pass for Republicans to regain the House. I think people feel betrayed and lied to about the whole deal. This latest side-stepping tactic to pass reform without taking a vote is only going to intensify the feelings of betrayal. Yes, people do forget, but the HC thing has been the ONLY focus for the Democrats for Obama's entire Presidency - which is going to make it harder to forget.

I think deficit spending, jobs and the economy will, most likely, be the overall deciding factors in this election. Obama and the Democrats don't seem to have enough concern to set the ever-so-controversial healthcare reform aside and address those issues. People are feeling the pinch, and that pinch isn't going to go away by November.

My short answer to the question, "Do you believe the Republicans will regain the house in this year's mid-term elections?" yes.

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