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Originally Posted by ohcuriousone View Post
about the sign ordinance.

Check out the agenda for tonight's meeting starting at 6pm. Item 7-d is for "Public Hearing, Discussion and Action on the First Reading of Ordinance 2012-O-02F and waiving the second reading regarding the adoption of the City of Marble Falls Downtown Master Plan."

Go to the city's website, watch the video on the Downtown Master Plan. Under the blue bar titled "Community Interest", it's the 7th item. Watch to the end and make careful note of the changes that the folks want to make. Also note the relocation of a current building. Does the city own that property? No they don't. Is that property for sale? No it's not. Can you say "condemnation"? Do the downtown merchants want this? No they don't. Can you imagine only having limited parallel parking on Main St.

Folks, if you think you taxes are high now - wait until you pay for a train to nowhere, no place to park and taking peoples homes.

Fill up city hall tonight and show our city fathers what you think. Oh, and stick around, the sign ordinance is item 7-g.

That video was taken down by the user.So folks online cannot see it.
Also is it possible that the property owner already has a deal with the city or edc for the land?If not they need to read up on condemnation, what state law allows and the process for the city to actually accomplish the taking of private property.

As far as the sign issue. the ord will pass by a 5/2 vote.At least thats my prediction.
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