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Extras Needed for Movie Filming in Marble Falls on Sat, Aug 18

On Saturday, August 18, 2012, extras are needed to play patrons of a Marble Falls dance hall during a staged show with legendary Texas country musician James Hand for the filming of Texas-based movie, Thank You a Lot. If you are interested in participating, please email your contact information to thankyoualotmovie(at)gmail(dot)com
with “MARBLE FALLS EXTRA” in the subject line.

Written and directed by Matt Muir, it's the story of a two-bit music agent, whose job and the livelihood of his clients is threatened, when he's forced to sign his reclusive, legendary musician father, played by real life Rounder Records recording artist, James Hand. Muir wrote the film specifically for Hand, after seeing him play at a local club several years ago.

You can find out more information regarding the film and the music behind it at www(dot)thankyoualotthemovie(dot)com.

Film Synopsis
Set in and around Austin, Texas, Thank You A Lot is about the rekindling of an estranged father and son relationship. Jack Hand, a small-time music agent, is forced by his management company to sign his reclusive and legendary musician father, James Hand, or lose his job and threaten the livelihood of his clients. Jack hustles his way through a vibrant and diverse Austin music scene as he struggles to keep his clients and fights to learn about the man behind his musician father. Surrounding the unique father and son story is a tribute to the diverse music community that makes Austin special. Real musicians portray many of the supporting cast. The film features hip-hop artist, Da’Shade Moonbeam and members of the Austin band Hundred Visions.
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