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Doublehorn 05-21-2017 12:09 PM

Ranch Road 2341
I travel Ranch Road 2341 several times a week. Sometime last year there was road construction which added what I initially thought was a 'shoulder' from the intersection with Hwy 29 to the point where there was already a full shoulder close to C.R. 114.

It wasn't long before I realized this road construction was not widening 2341 with a regular shoulder but instead a narrow shoulder which is no more than a bike lane on both sides of 2341.

I never understood the reasoning for that construction which offers no relief whatsoever for vehicle traffic. No doubt, eventually in the future there will be another round of road construction just to widen that stretch to hook up where 2341 widens up.

For the life of me I can't understand the thinking that went into that project. Was it just to placate Reveille Peak Ranch's desires to have 2341 widened for bicycle traffic?

This weekend was yet another traffic jam on 2341 from C.R. 114 to Hwy 29 as folks departed yet another event.

Next month will be another test when there is an event planned for bicyclists to ride 100 miles along 2341 and over to Lake Buchanan.

Now they got their bike lanes installed on 2341 with our tax dollars. No shoulders wide enough for vehicles.

Nice waste of our tax dollars!

freedom 05-24-2017 06:36 AM

This whole (new) bicycle crowd mentality is such a joke, it's hard to imagine they are serious. These folks who ride the streets and roads with cars and trucks don't have a clue as to how close to death and injury they really are. Why on earth would you put yourself or someone you care about in those situations? Because you can? Because it's some sort of ill conceived right you think you have? The absolute worst part is you put the people driving (cars) on the roads in danger trying to avoid your foolish decisions.

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