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Peacock 01-01-2014 09:10 AM

Anyone know what happened to West Tires?
I drove by and there is a sign on the door saying closed due to unexpected circumstances. Any ideas as to what happened and will they be back? I always had good service there.

mdarling 01-02-2014 03:25 PM

I'm curious, too. I know they have been closed for several weeks; but, don't know what happened to them. I've always had good service.

Webmaster 01-03-2014 08:47 AM

They were closed down by the state for non-payment of collected sales tax. Apparently, several years worth.

mdarling 01-03-2014 09:13 AM

Well, I'm shocked!

Caretaker 01-03-2014 11:47 AM

Wasnt that place up for sale?. I remember seeing it on the market.

freedom 01-06-2014 05:11 PM

wade :eek:

freedom 01-24-2014 04:47 AM

For sale 1.2 million

Dandroid 02-07-2014 09:20 AM

I loved that place, the people and Miss Lugnut the cat.

freedom 06-10-2014 05:53 AM


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